The Workers vs. The Moochers

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The Mainstream Media has been dividing Americans against each other for decades in order to create controversy and chaos. Race vs. race, poor vs. rich, Republicans vs. Democrats, on and on. But one genuine and significant division they don’t mention concerns those who work and produce vs. those who don’t, or those who give and those who take… the Workers vs. the Moochers. ( NOTE: in the video below, the word, “Astroturf” is used with a specialized meaning. And SEIU is the Service Employees International Union)

Furthermore, it’s in how these these two groups are treated that our government has failed America.

In a fair and sane world, the worker would get rewarded for his production and the moocher would get penalized for not producing. In an unfair and insane world (or where Marxism or Socialism might prevail), the worker gets penalized and the moocher is rewarded.

When the worker is taxed, is that a reward or penalty? When a new teacher spends after-hours making sure her students really learn, but gets less pay than the tenured teacher who could care less about her students, is she being rewarded or penalized. When the moocher is given welfare and subsidized rents, is he being rewarded or penalized? When a farmer is subsidized for not growing food, is he being rewarded or penalized?

When the worker gets penalized for producing, as in the examples above, will you get more production or less? And when the moocher gets rewarded for not producing, will you get more production or less? Our governments are guilty of both these actions and have been for decades. And American citizens who have the mindset that someone else owes them a living is expanding daily because of this (watch the video above to see what we’re up against.).

We must demand that our labor and production not be penalized, but rewarded. And stop the moochers from using the government to take from us. Workers of the world… UNITE!


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