• All I Want for Christmas is a (Real) Government Shutdown

    All I Want for Christmas is a (Real) Government Shutdown

    The political class breathed a sigh of relief Saturday when the US Senate averted a government shutdown by passing the $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill. This year’s omnibus resembles omnibuses of Christmas past in that it was drafted in secret, was full of special interest deals and disguised spending increases, and was voted on before…

  • What if Psychiatrists are the Crazy Ones!

    What if Psychiatrists are the Crazy Ones!

    By Shane Ellison MS I may be a perfect candidate for psychiatry. I ask questions with period marks to shorten conversations. I avoid eye contact with strangers in fear (maybe it’s anxiety) that I might learn too much about them. I secretly think that Metallica would be making better music if they went back to…

  • Podcast Episode 1

    Podcast Episode 1

    Hey Readers, PODCAST: Episode 1 In this podcast Peter Schiff will explain how the Herman Cain 9-9-9 plan contains a HIDDEN 9! [audio:] You will also hear about the Ron Paul Black This Out money bomb on October 19th. Be sure you pledge by going to this site:

  • Citizen Hat

    By John Chambers We wear many hats in life, but often neglected is the Citizen Hat. You remember the old story of Ben Franklin, when he came out of the Constitutional Convention?  A Mrs. Powel anxiously asked Franklin: “Well Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” “A republic,” answered Franklin, “if you…