All I Want for Christmas is a (Real) Government Shutdown

Dec 16, 2014 No Comments by

The political class breathed a sigh of relief Saturday when the US Senate averted a government shutdown by passing the $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill. This year’s omnibus resembles omnibuses of Christmas past in that it was drafted in secret, was full of special interest deals and disguised spending increases, and was voted on before […]


Ron Paul Farewell Speech

Nov 15, 2012 No Comments

Ron Paul’s Farewell Speech to Congress: This may well be the last time I speak on the House Floor.  At the end of the year I’ll leave Congress after 23 years in office over a 36 year period.  My goals in 1976 were the same as they are today:  promote peace and prosperity by a […]

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Ron Paul to Congress: Freeze the Budget and Stop Plundering the American People!

Aug 01, 2011 No Comments

One might think that the recent drama over the debt ceiling involved one side wanting to increase or maintain spending with the other side wanting to drastically cut spending, but that is far from the truth. In spite of the rhetoric being thrown around, the real debate is over how much government spending will increase. […]

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No to War with Libya!

Mar 21, 2011 No Comments

By David McKalip, M.D. These remarks were delivered to the Save America Foundation Convention in Tampa, Florida, on Saturday, March 19, 2011. “Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence, (I conjure you to believe me fellow citizens,), the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake; since history and experience prove that foreign […]

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Ron Paul to Chair House Sub-Committee On Domestic Monetary Policy

Dec 09, 2010 No Comments

Breaking News! Ron Paul announces last night (Dec. 8, 2010) on Freedom Watch that Cong. Spencer Bachus has promised him the Chair of the House Sub-Committee on Domestic Monetary Policy.

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The Confiscation Con

Dec 02, 2010 4 Comments

If you’ve spent enough time in the gold community, you might be under the impression that the most imminent threat to the average American isn’t terrorism or unemployment, but rather gold confiscation. Starting with the fact that FDR confiscated gold during the last Great Depression, and continuing to the quite accurate forecast that we are […]

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Keep Your Head Above Dollar

Oct 29, 2010 1 Comment

There has been so much discussion recently about “QE 2” that you would think the entire financial sector were about to embark on a transatlantic cruise. Unfortunately, they, and we, are not so lucky. In the year 2010, “QE 2” doesn’t refer to a sumptuous ocean liner, but a second, more extravagant round of “quantitative […]

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Democrats continue to betray America!

Jul 03, 2010 1 Comment

The following names are the U.S. Representatives who signed on as Co-Sponsors to Ron Paul’s “Audit the Fed” bill, then stabbed him in the back and voted “NO” when it came to a vote. They are all Democrats. Adler (NJ) Altmire Arcuri Baird Baldwin Barrow Berkley Berry Bishop (GA) Bishop (NY) Boccieri Boren Boswell Boyd […]

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Ron Paul & Alan Grayson on Federal Reserve

May 04, 2010 1 Comment

Today, May 4th, 2010, the US Senate may be voting on the Wall Street Reform Bill (S. 3217). Here is a video of the Dylan Ratigan show on MSMBC, where he interviews Ron Paul and Alan Grayson on the problems with this bill and the amendments that must be included. This bill (now called the […]

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