• Oregon Standoff: Isolated Event or Sign of Things to Come?

    Oregon Standoff: Isolated Event or Sign of Things to Come?

    The nation’s attention turned to Oregon this week when a group calling itself Citizens for Constitutional Freedom seized control of part of a federal wildlife refuge. The citizens were protesting the harsh sentences given to members of the Hammond ranching family. The Hammonds were accused of allowing fires set on their property to spread onto […]

  • Let Market Forces Solve Organ Transplant Crisis

    Let Market Forces Solve Organ Transplant Crisis

    Ten-year old cystic fibrosis patient Sarah Murnaghan captured the nation’s attention when federal bureaucrats imposed a de facto death sentence on her by refusing to modify the rules governing organ transplants. The rules in question forbid children under 12 from receiving transplants of adult organs. Even though Sarah’s own physician said she was an excellent […]

  • Free Markets Create Jobs

    [phpzonsidebar title=”At Amazon Now!” keywords=”ron paul” num=”5″ country=”US” searchindex=”Books” trackingid=”commlines-20″ sort=”relevancerank” id=”3″]In this struggling economy it is essential for politicians to take a step back and think about what government has been doing to business in this country.  In less than 200 years, the free market, property rights, and respect for the rule of law […]

  • Neo-Cons using Mosque to Stoke the Fires of War

    Dr. Ron Paul puts the Mosque controversy into perspective with his typical viewpoint of logic and rationality. From their inability to differentiate Iran’s nuclear power plant from a weapon (by design, of course) to their rants about Muslims under every rock (forget about the 1st Amendment and freedom of religion or property rights), Neo-Conservatives continue […]

  • Poll: Most Say “Ground Zero Mosque” Is Inappropriate – Political Hotsheet – CBS News

    A CBS News Poll asks “Do the developers have a right to build a Mosque near Ground Zero?” America being a free country, the answer of course, is “yes”. However, while 67% of those polled agreed, 29% said “no”! Do these people hate freedom or property rights or are they just plain stupid? Here’s the […]

  • The Workers vs. The Moochers

    The Mainstream Media has been dividing Americans against each other for decades in order to create controversy and chaos. Race vs. race, poor vs. rich, Republicans vs. Democrats, on and on. But one genuine and significant division they don’t mention concerns those who work and produce vs. those who don’t, or those who give and […]

  • Anatomy of a Con Job

    “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.” —George Orwell If you look with your understanding, the crimes against humanity are written across the rotting visages of Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski. Like a couple of aging prostitutes, these leading architects of twentieth-century evil still sell their wares to those with […]

  • Supreme Court weakens American’s Property Rights

    The Supreme Court weakened your home & property rights! Is your home really yours anymore or is its future at the whim of some faceless government bureaucrat? How long before your property is taken? Here are the justices who voted against one of our country’s founding principles: The United States Supreme Court Justices and Chief […]