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Am I The Only Techie Against Net Neutrality?

May 18, 2014 2 Comments by

by Joshua Steimle As near as I can gather, just about anyone who is steeped in technology is in favor of “Net Neutrality” legislation. I am no fan of Comcast or any other ISP I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with and I’m skeptical of large businesses generally and dislike being on their side, […]

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The US government has betrayed the internet. We need to take it back.

Sep 05, 2013 No Comments

The NSA has undermined a fundamental social contract. We engineers built the internet – and now we have to fix it Government and industry have betrayed the internet, and us. By subverting the internet at every level to make it a vast, multi-layered and robust surveillance platform, the NSA has undermined a fundamental social contract. […]

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