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Hello [ Legislator's name will go here ],

Our Presidential election is being stolen. The Chair of the Federal Election Commission has stated "I do believe that there is voter fraud taking place."

You are called by our Founders' to invoke their solution to this crisis: The 12th Amendment of the Constitution.

As a State Legislator, you choose our electors for the electoral college. Normally, you would use fair elections as guidance, but this one has clearly been stolen. This Presidential election now has illegal votes mixed in with good votes.

The Constitution empowers YOU, a State Legislator, to regulate how the state's elector is appointed. Act now by calling a Special Session to address this fraudulent election.

I am one of millions of voters who support Republican Donald J. Trump for re-election, and I am calling on you to represent my vote.

Only you can correct the fraud. The eyes of every voter in your district are watching to insure you believe in fair elections.

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