Is war with Iran now on the table?

Hey Readers,

I was laying in bed and just could not sleep. I am literally sick to my stomach thinking that we are now going to go into Iran militarily. I predict this will happen soon if history is any indicator at all, which it usually is. I hope I am wrong.

But what can I do about it? Who can I tell to STOP?

The mainstream media and the Obama administration are really pumping up the war propaganda to feed to the American people to get them to back it, and reading comments online it looks like it is working…again.

I feel like I want to go to the White House with a megaphone and yell at the top of my lungs to STOP THESE SENSELESS WARS! STOP LYING TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! LET THEIR PEOPLE LIVE! I know where this would get me however, and that is in jail. My voice would not be heard because mainstream media would not cover that. It does not fit their “agenda.”

Seems they are trying to create yet another “false flag” operation to sell to those who are willing to buy it.

It is all based on lies. All of the information they are giving us about this so called “plot” to assassinate the Saudi ambassador by a failed used car salesman from Texas who has had a drinking problem in the past, a slew of unpaid parking tickets and a history of liking prostitutes and who also just happens to be an Iranian born citizen has no substance.

According to “intel” this guy worked with Iranian intelligence to hire Mexican drug cartel members for something like $1.5 Million to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington DC. I mean this part of the story alone makes no sense whatsoever to me, and I am not “intelligence.”

Think about that. You have a cartel that is making upwards of $40Billion a year delivering drugs, and they are going to risk an assassination on US soil, in Washington DC no less, which is the heaviest police staffed city in America for a measly $1.5Million? Well, I am not buying it. You shouldn’t either!

There are many friends and even the wife of Manssor Arabsiar, the man in question who was going to carry out this plot, who claim the guy was just an absent minded drunk who had lots of minor violations like unpaid parking tickets etc. but lacked the capacity to pull off anything of this magnitude.

And once again, like the case of US citizen Anwar Awlaki, who was assassinated in Yemen just weeks ago, they have nothing to show the American citizens or the media that proves any of what they are saying. Nothing! It is all based on “classified information” that we will never see. Does this not scare you? Does our President really have this much power? If you are not worried…you should be!

Manssor Arabsiar is currently being detained, and who knows how long that could be. This guy is a patsy for sure and we do not even know how he is being treated or if he has a lawyer or anything! It just seems that the government works in such secrecy these days and that too should not be acceptable. These people work FOR US, not the other way around.

Are they setting us up to go into Iran and then Mexico? What is going on here? Is anyone going to hold them accountable? Is ANYONE going to ask them the hard questions and DEMAND proof? Is all of this some elaborate plot to cover up the Fast and Furious incident?

Let’s say for argument sake this is all indeed true. Let’s say Iran did indeed plot to assassinate one of their enemies on our precious American soil…well did we not just do that with Awlaki? Do we have double standards? Are we to think we are the ONLY ones who can target our so called enemies for assassination on other nations soil? Is this the example we want to set around the world?

We are not making many friends in this world with our constant Empire building. If anything we are making us weaker and weaker as a nation because more and more people are going to hate us. Not for our freedom, but for the simple fact that we are occupying their land and forcing our “democracy” on them in the name of “peace.”

We have killed hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children in these countries. What would we do if someone did that here? (see video below) We would not take it. We would stand up against it. Why do we not expect them to?

Many Americans just sit back and yell and scream for their blood like we are spectators at the Roman colosseum watching gladiators fight to the death. That is how I see this whole “war on terror.” Are we the Roman Empire? The Nazis? When does it end? When our economy completely crashes?

We need to get out of these wars. I want to let the Iranian people know right now that I do not condone any of this and I am sorry for the choices our government has made…I would have spread a message of peace by example, not militarily.

This is why we NEED Ron Paul. He has to become the next President of the United States as I feel any of the others will push the status quo and continue to weaken us as a nation so badly that we will soon be fighting World War III on our own soil, and I do not want to fight people who I have no issue with.

Ron Paul is the ONLY top tier candidate who wants to end these wars. All of the others believe that we need to continue to be the policeman of the world. We need to stand with him and put an end to this. He is our ONLY hope!

Some will say that one man cannot make a difference, but I know different. Look at what Ghandi or Martin Luther King accomplished. They had a message that they did not force on people…people took their message and made it their own. They did not follow these individuals, they walked beside them. We need to walk beside Ron Paul.

Watch this video as it speaks VOLUMES about how the nations feel that we continue to occupy.


I feel in my heart that this is the most important election of my lifetime and yours. The reason I feel this is because if we get even 4 more years of the same thing we have now, we are going to crash economically and spin into a depression like none we have ever seen making us defenseless. This is just like the Roman Empire when it fell. They expanded themselves right into failure. I do not want to be a citizen of another country…I want to keep THIS country…but if Ron Paul does not win, I fear we will lose it.

Visit to learn more about this great man. We need your help and support. Join the ORIGINAL Revolution and lets restore our Republic before it’s too late!




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8 responses to “Is war with Iran now on the table?”

  1. mamadjojo Avatar

    Iran is neither Iraq nor Afghanistan. Iranian media say the opposite of what people are smart Vpyshrfth. Major powers such as America and Britain should be like the Iranians fear of mice. Iranians want war any time we are not But if we are attacked we will fight like a real man. Iran are countries with ancient civilizations You will notice that the previous history of Iran, Iranians love their country Another war ended People were awakened Such party in America Valstryd Hoping to free all people from oppression

  2. LarryRonell Avatar

    Don’t change a thing. It was perfect. I want Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura as his vice president….now that is a combo to make change.

    1. hubze Avatar

      Ya Jesse is a powerhouse, I just think he would scare too many people as the VP! lol I really like him but I just do not think the masses are ready for that much change all at once without heads exploding! =]

  3. Tar Fu Avatar
    Tar Fu

    We will be herad take it to the streets! Rise up and be heard!

  4. Political Watch Dog Avatar
    Political Watch Dog

    It is like people just do not want to wake up. They are happy to sit behind their TV’s and get their information spoon fed to them and never question. It is sad.

  5. Selina Sills Avatar
    Selina Sills

    I also am not sleeping well. I’m sooo frustrated by media hiding Ron Paul. It’s keeping many I speak with afraid to support Dr. Paul. They don’t understand. I try hard to explain he isn’t bought and no one high up wants someone like him in office so all the more reason we the people need to support him.

  6. hubze Avatar

    I totally agree Eric. Maybe I should edit the title.

  7. Eric D Foote Avatar
    Eric D Foote

    It’s been ‘on the table’ for many years.

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