• What if Psychiatrists are the Crazy Ones!

    What if Psychiatrists are the Crazy Ones!

    By Shane Ellison MS I may be a perfect candidate for psychiatry. I ask questions with period marks to shorten conversations. I avoid eye contact with strangers in fear (maybe it’s anxiety) that I might learn too much about them. I secretly think that Metallica would be making better music if they went back to…

  • Newtown School Shooting: The Hidden Cause

    Newtown School Shooting: The Hidden Cause

    by Anonymous At the end of any war, the defeated are told to lay down their weapons. To hand in their guns. They have lost. They have been defeated and no longer have a will to defend themselves or attack the enemy. Part of any war is propaganda and psychological warfare. It is used to…

  • Is war with Iran now on the table?

    Is war with Iran now on the table?

    Hey Readers, I was laying in bed and just could not sleep. I am literally sick to my stomach thinking that we are now going to go into Iran militarily. I predict this will happen soon if history is any indicator at all, which it usually is. I hope I am wrong. But what can…

  • Psychiatry’s BIG Secret begins to unravel

    It’s a scam-science that cures nothing! (But they’re making a ton of money drugging you & your kids.) Mental Health: No Science, No Cures! Click here to watch video (4 minutes) Tufts University study shows more than half of Mental Health system’s DSM -IV authors have financial links to Big Pharma Mental Health system’s Diagnostic…

  • Psych drugs cause another shooting

    Virginia Tech Shooter may have been on Psychiatric Drugs for depression! But we might not find out about it… here’s why!

  • Ron Paul attempts to halt mental health scam!

    Rep. Ron Paul’s amendment to end Federal funding (with your tax dollars) to screen school children for fraudulent mental illness FAILS! How did your Congressman vote? (They voted “NO” if they’re not very smart or if they actually want your child labelled by the mental health system and given dangerous drugs.)