Psychiatric Drug Violence

Newtown School Shooting: The Hidden Cause

by Anonymous

At the end of any war, the defeated are told to lay down their weapons. To hand in their guns. They have lost. They have been defeated and no longer have a will to defend themselves or attack the enemy.

Part of any war is propaganda and psychological warfare. It is used to dishearten the enemy, to make them quit, give up, abandon hope or even feel sorry for the poor enemy and make them feel guilty for defending themselves. Good people can always be stopped by convincing them that what they are doing is bad. Bad people know this and use it against you.

With the recent shootings, we are being told to lay down our weapons. To hand in our guns. That you are bad for even having them. Don’t fall for it. Every single mass shooting without exception has been planned and orchestrated and every single one without exception has had psychotropic drugs and some form of psychotherapy behind it with a call for you to give up your weapons.

Brainwashing is sometimes defined as “the methods employed to have a person alter his basic beliefs about a subject.” It could be political beliefs, religious beliefs, gun rights beliefs, or nearly anything. It could be constant media propaganda, connected with painful associations, such as gun ownership and the death of little children. Those methods should not be confused with those methods which use psychiatric drugs and hypnosis to control a person.

Narcosynthesis, Narco-analysis, and Narco-hypnosis are all terms for the use of Narcotics in Mental Treatment. Every single mass shooting we’ve had, has a person who has first been on psychotropic drugs and second, been in the care of a Mental Health professional. Each time, it is followed by distempered screams to “Give up your guns”.

Narco-hypnosis is just what the word implies. It is hypnotism, or the giving of commands or suggestions, while the person is drugged and semi-conscious or completely unconscious. It is sometimes called Pain and Drug Hypnosis. It is widely used in espionage work and even in corporate espionage and is so wide today that, with the seemingly senseless school and mall slayings, it is long past the time when people should become alarmed about it.

The book by Gordon Thomas called Journey Into Madness: The True Story of Secret CIA Mind Control and Medical Abuse is an expose of CIA and other intelligence agency’s psychiatric mind altering technology. This book is is what Dr. Hayashi of AUM claimed was the text that the AUM doctors had based all their psychiatric experimental treatments on. Per Thomas’s book, one of the foremost proponents of the psychiatric mind-controlling techniques was former head of the World Psychiatric Association, Canadian psychiatrist, Dr. Donald Ewin Cameron, who did work with the CIA, had as its intention to “drive” the person by subconscious and hidden mental commands. Cameron had many students from countries around the world.

It is one thing to invite someone like a politician or celebrity over for a spiked drink and Presto! He’s on your side. It’s quite another to have someone walk into a school and shoot children.

During the evolution of this weaponized science, it was found nearly impossible to have a person commit immoral acts, such as walk into a school and murder innocent children, unless this person had been both drugged and had some form of pain or electric shock administered to him at the same time. Commands and suggestions are usually worded so that the patient will forget that he has ever been given drug hypnosis. A person can be getting out of his car, knocked out, drugged and beaten or shocked while receiving commands, and placed comfortably in his bed, waking the next morning without any memory of it, have his cup of coffee, and pleasantly go off to work, stopping at the nearby school to shoot down a couple of dozen children before shooting himself in the head and it never crossing his mind that anything was out of the ordinary.

Louis Jolyon (“Jolly”) West was an American psychiatrist and expert on brainwashing, mind control, torture, substance abuse, post traumatic stress disorder and violence. He was in the U.S. Air Force Medical Corps and was appointed Chief of Psychiatry Service at the Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio , Texas . He studied U.S. pilots and veterans after being tortured and brainwashed and forced to give false confessions as prisoners in the Korean War. From there, he entered the world of brainwashing. West was second only to Cameron.

He was appointed professor and Head of the Department of Psychiatry, Neurology and Biobehavioral Sciences at the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine . 1969 he was appointed as head of department and director of the Neuropsychiatry Institute at UCLA.

He researched, and was a proponent in, the role of drugs in the exercise of political control and control of a population through prohibition or supply of drugs.

The Timothy McVeigh bombing defense team was consulted by Jolly West. McVeigh was being treated by Wests’ protege, Dr. John Smith, who now works in Guantanamo, treating prisoners there. McVeigh claimed he worked in Intelligence, infiltrating subversive groups and militias up until he died. His death certificate still has as his occupation, “ARMY”. After the bombing, the screams for you to “lay down your weapons” came from our enemies in Congress and in the press.

Dr. Lynne Fenton, now at the University of Colorado, is the psychiatrist “treating” James Holmes. Before that, she worked at (did you guess it?) Lackland Air Force Base, the same place as good old Jolly West. James Holmes, as you may remember, was near the Batman movie theater when a bunch of people were killed by two people wearing masks. He was found in his car in the parking lot, drugged and incoherent, wearing a gas mask with a bunch of guns in his car. He was too drugged to know where he was, answer questions or probably even walk. In fact, there was a spine board under his car (used for carrying injured and unconscious people) when he was found. The kid is now in jail and being so drugged that he no longer even knows if he was there or not. Think about it, are you going to walk into a theater, shoot a bunch of people and go to your car for a little nap?

But James Holmes is the least interesting part of the story. It is the distraction. The real interesting part of the story is his father. who was about to testify and blow the whistle on the greatest fleecing of America ever to be even imagined. He wrote the software with the algorithms to track where and to whom the money is going. He was about to testify. This is a whole novel waiting to be written of international intrigue and assassins and spies, and especially the use of psychiatric snatch and grab teams. I doubt that his son, James, did anything worse than swat a fly or step on an ant. Poor kid. We are at war and the father is fighting it with us. His son is being used and is a casualty of war.

Now Connecticut . Another shooting and a crazed kid in the hands of a Mental Health practitioner. Again, of course, with screams to lay down your weapons. But the real story is about the mother. The kid is a distraction and another act of war was perpetrated against the American people and the American psyche. The mother worked for the DOD as a top psychological analyst working for the Central Intelligence Agency at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPA. She was also murdered.

Look, we have people who work in our Government and in our Intelligence community who take the security of you and I and the rest of the country very seriously. Many are heroes. Some of them get killed doing that. Some of them get blackmailed. Some of them get blown up in Oklahoma on a sting gone wrong. Some of them have their children drugged, programmed, and turned into mass murderers or are placed at the scene to “take the wrap”. We are at war and these are all acts of war. We need to realize we are at war and the war has come to us and we need to engage. All of us!

But somebody is drugging and programming these kids. That’s who we need to find – that, and who is behind them. I think our folks in our Counter Intelligence and our Defense Department may be being screwed. Betrayed. Infiltrated. I also think that some of them that are there (and some folks in Congress and the Senate) are dirty rotten traitors. Perhaps they have been receiving Narco-hypnoisis and been programmed themselves. They wouldn’t know it if they had.

Remember, John Hinkley Jr., after treatment by his psychiatrist, gets on a bus, goes to Washington and on Monday, March 30, 1981, just 69 days into the presidency, shoots Ronald Reagan. He claimed he had a voice screaming in his head commanding him to do it.

Today, a snatch and grab team for the purpose of installing commands to drive a person to an action is called a Biscuit Team. Every country has them, but the Middle East and India is considered the Biscuit Team capital of the world. Today, with the new drugs and techniques, a person can be grabbed and programmed in a very short time, as little as an hour, depending on the person. A kid could be walking to school, drugged and programmed, and by the end of a morning, walk into the school with guns and wreak havoc before blowing his brains out, and it’s all a mystery. Well, the mystery is over.

We have today in America, paid by us, Psychiatrists from all over the world treating our kids, our criminals, and general public. It is a security issue to be concerned about. Thousands are from the Middle East and India . And man, do we pay them well.

We are at war. We need to know what the enemy is doing. Laying down your weapons is what you would do if you were defeated. I don’t think we have even started. It is not enough to send our children away to be shot at and blown up. What made your hide so precious. Get over yourselves. The war has come to your shores and it means to defeat you. The war has killed your innocent children and friends and countrymen. It is horrible, I know. It is hard to think of. It is madness. What did you expect, a nice war? A comfortable and pleasant one? Sorry. It’s never happened.

The war has come to our shores and we need to engage. All of us. Do not lay down your weapons. Do not give up. The people who ask you to are in the clutches of the enemy.



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