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Back on September 30th, 2011 I was outraged when I found out that President Obama ordered the assassination of alleged terrorist Anwar Awlaki. This was a United States citizen that was targeted by a drone and killed without due process of law. He had not been convicted of any crime nor had it been proven that he was even connected to one. He just happened to be on a “list.”

Well, on October 14th, 2011 Awlaki’s 16 year old son shared his Fathers fate. Abdulrahman Al-Awlaki was killed in Yemen by U.S. airstrikes while eating dinner with a group of his teenage friends. Yes, a group of teenagers…assassinated. What has this country become?

Abdulrahman Al-Awlaki was born in Denver Colorado. He was an American citizen just as his Father Anwar. Here is an image of Abdulrahman Al-Awlaki’s actual birth certificate showing where he was born. Even more proof of a US birth than our own President can produce.

Washington Post: In the days before a CIA drone strike killed al-Qaeda operative Anwar Awlaki last month, his 16-year old son ran away from the family home in Yemen’s capital of Sanaa to try to find him, relatives say. When he, too, was killed in a U.S. airstrike Friday, the Awlaki family decided to speak out for the first time since the attacks.

“To kill a teenager is just unbelieveable, really, and they claim that he is an al-Qaeda militant. It’s nonsense,” said Nasser al-awlaki, a former Yemeni agriculture minister who was Anwar al-Awalaki’s father and the boy’s grandfather, speaking in a phone interview from Sanaa on Monday. “They want to justify his killing, that’s all.

Abdulrahman Al-Awlaki was trying to locate his father. He was probably very scared and worried as a son would be if his father was missing. Yet, again with no due process or proof of any wrong doing, he was assassinated. 16 years old! This just makes my blood boil.

When Anwar Awlaki was assassinated it made headlines all over the world, yet I never heard about Abdulrahman Al-Awlaki’s assassination until yesterday when I happened onto a blog that I read occasionally. Is it because the government knows this is wrong? Is it to try and cover up the fact that this is happening more than we know? Or was it because they do not feel this would be as well received by the American public and defeat their agenda?

It is hard for me to understand. I want to go to the White House and scream at the top of my lungs how wrong this is. How can we allow this to happen? How can the whole world not see what monsters the U.S. has become. Can we really be surprised that so many want to kill us? Can we not understand that this makes us weaker in our defense?

When we open the pages of this book, nothing good can come of it. A whole new precedence has been adopted, and most Americans do not even realize that WE can end up on the very same list just by speaking out against our government. We can end up on the same list for simply asking the wrong questions. When will we finally all stand up to this tyranny? Will it take this happening on our own soil to someone we know personally?

The person approving these attacks, Barak Obama, is the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. Should this now not be revoked? This man should be stripped of all titles and power as he is putting all of our safety on the line with these un-justified actions.

It seems that we have become so numb and blood thirsty in this country all in the name of “the war on terror.” We cheer when these things happen and celebrate cold blooded murder like it is Patriotic. If this is what we are to become, I fear for the future of this country. I fear for the future generations that will have this blood to clean from their innocent hands.

Abdulrahman Al-Awlaki was just a teenager. He was on Facebook. He was a happy kid who liked Harry Potter movies, The Gladiator and Troy. He enjoyed  the series Lost, The Simpsons and Spongebob. He will never know adulthood.

Is this the foreign policy of peace and democracy? Is this the message we want to send to the world? Do we really want to be the bullies of the world? So many neo-cons think that we have to show our muscles or we will be perceived as weak. What if instead we showed our hearts. What if instead we taught peace by example?

Presidential candidate Ron Paul believes in a peaceful foreign policy. He understands that we cannot be the policeman of the world, and not just because we cannot afford it, but because it is not how you spread peace. All we are doing is putting ourselves in danger making enemies around the world, and this will eventually backfire on us unless we stop it now.

Ron Paul is the ONLY one who is going to do that. Please visit HERE and read about Ron’s foreign policy. It will actually strengthen our defense, not weaken it as you will hear from so many un-confident neo-cons who want to continue the American Empire.


What do you think about this? Did you even know this happened? What do you think we should do about it?

UPDATE 10.27.2011: 
Here is a CNN report on the assassination of the Awlaki’s.


UPDATE 10.29.11:
Please DEMAND that congress press for an investigation into this assassination. Not just because he was a US citizen, but because he was a child. Please sign this petition. 


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10 Responses to “Sticky: The United States Assassinates A Teenager”

  1. fergusonsarah says:

    Even if the father was a terrorist, (not that I’m assuming) he shouldn’t have been assassinated, and in the process killing a 16 yr old.

  2. Nicole Revels says:

    Thank you so much for calling attention to this atrocity, we certainly wouldn’t have heard it from the MSM any time soon. Sharing as well. This is just outrageous. If this is not the thing that makes people finally say okay maybe we’ve gone too far, I wonder what it will take? Does it have to happen to their own children for them to finally say, hey maybe that whole “innocent until proven guilty, due process” thing has some merit to it… ?? To realize that maybe we should not give a select group of people free reign in deciding who lives and who dies, to tell us who the bad guys are, because they have their own AGENDA and they are often WRONG? Of those who I have spoken with who are of the opinion that “one dead terrorist=no lost sleep,” not one that I know has seen a single shred of evidence that Awlaki ever did wrong, yet they have an unshakable belief that he was a terrorist. I find myself wondering do they ever think about that fact, that they are so certain of such a thing without ever having seen any evidence of it?

  3. BrandonDanielRhoades says:

    Why did they move back to egypt??

    • BrandonDanielRhoades says:

      Dont get my wrong… due process was needed.. but a little odd that they would move back to the middle east during this time. Going to a country near war is like waving a big flag isnt it?

      • hubze says:

        @BrandonDanielRhoades They moved back in 2002. This was where their Family was. Maybe the reason they moved back was to be with family in a time that so much was going on so they could be together. Does it really matter? That too me is not of any importance. That is like saying that right after 9/11 no Americans living over seas should have come home to their families.

        • BrandonDanielRhoades says:

          How is that even close to the same? There is WAR going on over there … Yes a , WAR. there isnt a war here, just some jackass who flew a plane into a building. Not even close to the same. There is Killing going on there DAILY. They knew the risk of going back. This may not be important to you becuase you easily look over it to spout your tryade of bs, howver. The reason they went back IS important to me. And like i said before, He Should have gotten due process.

        • hubze says:

          @BrandonDanielRhoades Sure it is a war over here. It is the war on terror and you and I are directly affected whether you believe it or not. You don’t think the loss of our civil liberties in the form of the Patriot Act is war on the citizens of the United States? There is killing going on here daily as well in the name of the war on drugs. There are many more wars going on here than over there, and WE are the ones doing the majority of killing over there, not them. So I disagree with you wholeheartedly and feel that you need to do some research because there is a war here against a police state.

          And just so you know, over there it is not a war. War has never once been declared wich again makes it unconstitutional. We are merely occupying their lands and killing hundreds and thousands of innocent people who are called “collateral damage.” It is disgusting.

          I know that what I spout is the truth, and if you talk to ANY civilian over there we are putting their lives in more danger than they ever were before we came in and messed everything up for them. Do some due diligence and don’t listen to the mainstream media like Hannity and those neo conservative kooks at FOX, CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC and CBS because they don’t tell you the facts…they push the agenda. Wherever you get your news, I suggest you shut it off and get it elsewhere otherwise you are going to be blindsided with the truth one day…

  4. Political Watch Dog says:

    Anwar Awlaki’s father, the grandfather of Abdulrahman said to me about my blog post: “You rock David , we appreciate what you wrote here and on your blog. We can’t thank you enough”

  5. Jesse Carreon says:


  6. John McCamont says:

    This is terrible. We need a leader with the foreign policy of George Washington. Someone the troops support for their CIC. Ron Paul 2012

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