Time to Castrate Congress

All over America, 10th Amendment groups are growing, along with bills being introduced in State Legislatures to reaffirm States’ Rights. The ever-increasing feeling in America is that our Federal Government has just gone too far. The latest affronts to our lives and our pocketbooks are the massive, un-Constitutional, Bailout and Stimulus bills which will put our children and their children in bondage to the Fed for decades to come. And the Healthcare bill, a socialist scheme to force healthcare insurance on the few who don’t have it (and maybe don’t want or need it), lessening the quality for all, but costing more from all. The growing sentiment towards these oppressive actions is, “Just say ‘NO!’”

Included here is a video of Thomas Moore, Jr., at a recent Campaign for Liberty event, where he discusses the right of “Nullification” which all States have as protection against a Federal government found to be stepping beyond its Constitutional boundaries.






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  1. James Avatar

    There are times we must answer for our point of view, you of course do not. Brillant!

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